Friday, February 13, 2009

Shots = Sick Baby

Ali hasn't done good since she got her six shots. You can read about hers and Ethan's well child visits below. She was fine for most of the day yesterday, but last night her fever got high and this morning she was clinging to me and only wanted to cuddle. That is so unlike my little munchkin, but she's feeling a little better. I took these pictures when she was sitting on the couch eating her munchies and she never just sits so you know she feels sick. She loves the camera so even though she didn't feel good she had to pull some smiles for me! I have definitely enjoyed her cuddles!!
They love the backyardigans!

The snacks ended up all over the couch after I took these pictures. And no Ethan hadn't had a bath yet, because he fights me every time and since Ali needed me I decided I'd wait and have him get in the shower with me when she goes down for her nap!


The Harris Family said...

Thats to bad she isn't feeling well. Those shots are tough on kids. She is such a doll. I love the picture of them watching tv eating snacks together. So cute.

The Graham Family! said...

Poor girl!! Shots are never fun. I've been lucky and Ashlyn has never gotten sick from her shots.. but i've heard its common. They always tell me to give them tylenol after the shots no matter what.. so thats what I always did!! Hope she feels better soon! Those are the most adorable pictures tho!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! They are both so cute. We keep playing phone tag but we need to catch up soon! Have a great Valentine's Day with your family :)