Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last week Camery texted me and asked if I would be in town Wednesday and Thursday of that week because she was looking for a babysitter to fill in for her regular babysitter. I was so excited, because not only had Roger just started his phlebotomy class (which means I don't really see him from 9am to 9pm so I knew he wouldn't miss me terribly), but because Natalie is such a fun little girl and I knew it would be fun for my kids to get to play with someone else!!
I have known Camery since I was a little girl, but our friendship didn't really start until I worked with her when I was in high school at Dr. Earl's office. She has always been such a good friend to me and an even better example. She was always there to give me advice when I needed it and let me tell you she had some awesome advice!! I am happy our friendship has continued over the years even though I moved across the country and back! She probably doesn't realize how much fun I have every time we get together! I look forward to continue to enjoy her company and getting to play with her little girl as she grows! Camery is such a great mom and while I was watching Natalie I really got to see how great she has been at teaching Natalie things. Natalie was super independent which made it even easier on my part.
The first day I enjoyed getting to know Natalie and her personality. The second day we danced, sang, ate popcorn, and watched movies!
She liked to switch the lights "on" and "off" which she learned from Ethan. LOL. Ali loves Blaze!! Remember when Ethan did this same thing? And even still does!!
Natalie wouldn't look at the camera for me, but I sure tried!!
They all loved the popcorn.

Soon after these pictures the popcorn was spilled everywhere! My mom put them on blankets and drug them all around the hard wood floors and they laughed so hard!! I think my mom enjoyed it as much as I did because it reminded her of her babysitting days when all the kids on the block would be at our house.
Thanks Camery for asking me to babysit. We really had tons of fun and I hope you don't hesitate to ask next time you need someone. It's always fun to see some familiar and fun faces!!

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