Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poop! In the TUB!!! GROSS!!

I swear he always has a car in his hand!! Even in the bathtub!

So I've read almost all of my friend's who have kids that are toddlers stories of poop. While I was reading these stories of their kids taking their poopy diapers off and rubbing them all over the wall I was thinking, "I'm so lucky that my child keeps his diaper on!!" Well now I have a poop story! The thing is...Ethan loves bathtime and I can't get him out I just have to let him decide when he's done because I hate it when he throws a fit about it..and he didn't get to go to the pool but once this summer so I feel like a bad mom and let him enjoy bathtime. I usually bathe him and Ali together unless he wakes up when she's taking her nap so I immediately bathe him so he's all ready for the day. Well today was one of those bathtimes alone. He didn't wake up until 11am, which was probably due to him going to bed at 1:30am, and that was definitely Ali's naptime so I get her down for a nap and get Ethan in the bath. While he is bathing I come in and out. Since we live in an apartment everything is right next to the bathroom so I'm really only gone but about a minute each time and I can always hear him splashing around. I'm usually getting his clothes together with a diaper and picking up a little while he's in there so things are done when he gets out. Maybe I shouldn't do this anymore because when I came back once today (I was trying to get my internet to work while he was in there) I found him standing there with a big long turd in hand holding it out to me like,"Here mom I know you want this!" HECK NO!! was my first reaction and then I look in the tub to find more. Oh MAN! Yep my son has a poop story now. He kept trying to grab all the pieces. I honestly felt bad for him though! Maybe I should start to try potty training..but since he's not saying much I'm not sure. He did tell me the other day he was poopy so if that keeps up I might have to start trying! It would save so much on diapers!! Roger was not happy that I left him unattended for any length of time...but I'm sorry I just have things to do and sitting in the bathroom for half an hour can get boring and it feels like a waste of time. Maybe I should resort to putting them in, washing them, and taking them out! I didn't get any pictures because being a witness was hard enough, but I do have pictures of the kids in the bath together from a couple weeks ago and there wasn't any poop involved! Thank GoodNESS!

Her nerdy smile! It's so funny! She has six teeth in there now if you can't see them!

Ethan wasn't fond of the camera this day!


walters said...

Ashley that is so funny! Conner has done the whole poop in the tub thing, but he gets scaried of it and trys to jump out of the tub! I totally understand the whole car thing, because I think that we watch Cars the movie like almost on average 2 to 3 times a day! Crazy, I know, but he never does not have a car in both hands! It's hilarious! Your kiddos are so adorable! ; )

royce and aubree said...

Is that a weinershnitzel I see? Maybe you should pass some chest over my way so that I can fill a Barbie shirt. Your kids are so cute, I hope Grace poops in your tub some day.

Carolyn said...

Hahaha. Oh man, I'm so glad you have a poop story now! :)

Brittany said...

Ok your kids seriously look like twins in these pictures...I can't tell them apart! Kaelyn pooped in the tub one time and I got it all on video. I'll let you watch it sometime.

camery said...

Oh, that is horrible. Good thing my kid will never do anything so gross. Ha.