Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sunday..a day to relax..and pose for the camera!

I enjoy Sundays. Not only is it a day to worship and learn valuable lessons at church, but it is a day of rest. And for Aliana it's a day to clear her system out. The past two Sundays she's had big messes and we've had to change her at church. She cleans up pretty well though. :) I also like to get our family looking all nice and dressed up. My parents have always told me you should look your best on Sunday so I want to instill that in my children as well. Since we are in the Lord's house we should look our best.Roger and Aliana taking a nap together after church.
We got Ethan this outfit when we got his Easter outfit. I just love the hat on him.

This is Ethan's "cheese" pose. Isn't it funny how he tilts his head to his shoulder?


The Barney Fam said...

so cute!! grace has those same pajamas that aliana is wearing in the nap picture..i love them!!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

How cute! haha I love Ethan's hat! :)