Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Game Night

I know I've talked about game night at Grandma and Poppy Waites' but now I have some pictures to prove it. We have been going out to their house every Friday or Saturday evening for the past five weeks to play games, eat food, and enjoy each other's company. This last Saturday we BBQ'd since it was so hot outside. Ethan had fun playing in the sand box Poppy made so we gave him a good bath in the sink which he wasn't too sure about when we were putting him in it but then as soon as he noticed he could play with different things around the sink and the cup he loved it and didn't want to get out. When we took him out he cried because he wanted back in. Later that night we gave him a ding dong and he made another mess so back in the sink he went! He's such a trooper too! He always stays up late with us. I try to get him to go to sleep but he just wants to play and is a goof all night long. And of course Ali just sleeps right through everything!


The Riner's said...

These picts and comments made me a little teary. the one when ben and rob are hugging almost got me. had to hold back. what a fun time for you all to be together again. my bros are little and i will be so old when they leave. never thought about that. crazy todd wont leave until 7 more years which isn't that long but I will be 30 ahhh crazy huh. anyway i along agree on one thing you are the shortest but don't call yourself the fat one. they have not had 2 babies in two years. don't be so hard on yourself. you are beautiful daughter of God with a great husband and 2 beautiful babies. Your fabulous the way you are. enough said. lol i am so crazy any way we love you guys and your family. have good times with rob. sticks that ben will be leaving soon. Not fun for us either we love ben and not to mention how poopy gus is when she not around him or maybe that is just eburg that brings that out. anyway should have but my own blog on your page that my comment is so long. love ya amber

The Riner's said...

ok so i put the comment on the wrong blog. sorry. and i meant i only agree and not i along agree. sorry can't type amber