Monday, April 21, 2008

Ear Infections = NO Fun!!

Aliana was fussy on Thursday and we decided it was probably just colic and teething mixed together so I got her some medicine and she was feeling better. Friday however Ethan was not happy and mad about everything and that night we were up multiple times with him screaming. One time was at 4am which included a trip to Walmart to grab some Motrin so we could switch fever reducers every three hours to keep his fever down. Saturday morning my dad checked his ears and said one was pink and the other was "flaming" red. We got the antibiotics as soon as we could to try to make him happy but he was still sad. He would just cuddle up with me anywhere we were. For a while we were sitting in the butt sucking chair (a really comfortable chair here at my parents that is known as the butt sucking chair because one you get in it's hard to get out) and he had these little monster things that make music. You have to push the foot to turn it on so he would push it, lean into me, wait for the song to be over, and push it again and lean into me. This continued on and on and I was enjoying but I was feeling so sad for him because I couldn't do anything but keep giving him medicine to feel better. Aliana started getting a fever Saturday too and so my dad checked her ears and they were clear. Once again we just ruled it as teething, but Sunday her temp was still high and she kept me up crying a lot. Tylenol was keeping her fever down, but when this morning came and her temp was still past 102 my dad said to take her in. We went and saw Dr. Bross and she checked her ears and of course she had a puss ball behind her ear drum. My dad said you can check ears one minute and they're clear and thirty minutes later they can have an infection. I wish I would've just asked my dad to check her ears again last night, but Ethan never got ear infections until after he was a year so I didn't think she would have one. Who knew both MY babies would get ear infections the same weekend?? They are both on good antibiotics and Ethan is almost back to himself so I am a little relieved! The good news is they aren't contagious so if any of you were around me or my kids this weekend don't worry!!


The Riner's said...

poop momma. not a fun weekend sorry to hear that. Hope it gets better. we need to do a weekend up hear again if your up to it. It was a lot of fun. when baseball is over then dane will be more around. cuz that week you were here was like his only weekend off. any way i love dana's what a fun time. all my friends from high school don't have babies yet. well one is preg now so well see. but yours are all at the some age. wow. talk to you later.

The Riner's said...

i meant poor not poop sorry