Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Yesterday Ivory, Ben's girlfriend, got into town from Ellensburg and was at the house. My mom bought a hot chocolate maker this week so we were telling Ivory how good it was when I decided to make some so she could taste it herself. The Hot Cocoa maker heats and froths the drink for you so you just have to add ingredients and push start. I guess I did something wrong because it just didn't taste the same as it did when my mom made it the day before so no one really liked theirs. Well I moved Kaitlin's cup towards the sink and we went to go watch a movie. Half way through the movie Ethan wakes up from his nap. Kaitlin went and got him for me and when she brought him down he sat and watched the movie for a minute then he decides he can't sit still and he goes into the kitchen. I kept saying, "Ethan, come here. Where are you?" A couple minutes later he comes in with Kaitlin's mug and he had hot chocolate (well it was cold by then) from head to toe. I'm not joking he had pulled the mug off the counter and it soaked him! His eyelashes were even drenched! I do have to say he smelled really good. I was feeding Aliana so Ivory went and gave him a bath, but it was so funny that he didn't even knock off the mug but instead grabbed it and poured it over his head. He looked so proud of himself too like, "Look mom I got you some hot chocolate." I love my boy!

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The Graham Family! said...

haha that's so cute! Too bad you didn't get some pictures of that one!!