Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged Again?

Well I guess I have to write another post about myself since I was tagged a couple times to write 7 facts about myself. The first one of these I did was hard enough! Now I have to come up with 7 different things!

1. I worry that I won't be a good mother. I know I'm trying my best but the world is so crazy these days and will only continue to get even more crazy that I worry that it won't matter how I raise my children something will seem like it might be my fault for not teaching them correctly. (I know that was probably a crazy sentence, but that's how my brain works sometimes!)

2. I hate when people put things in my face. It doesn't matter if it's food or a drink I want to do it myself. I have learned this the most recently because Roger has tried feeding me, giving me a drink out of a bottle, and showed me things right in my face the last week and it's really annoyed me!!

3. I get really emotional when I see shows/movies about kids that are hurt or have something wrong with them so it makes the parent hurt. I didn't used to be this way until I became a mother. It's crazy how much love you can have when it comes to your children. Yes love for your significant other is strong, but it's a different feeling with children!

4. Even though I love my kids I miss going out on the town with my girl friends. I mean I never have a friend call me up anymore to say, "Want to go grab a bite to eat and catch a movie?" Maybe it's because they know I have my hands full with two babies.

5. I love my grandparents. These last couple weeks since it's been different spring breaks for different colleges we've been hanging out and have called up my grandparents to go hang out at there place to play card games. Poppy joined in a couple times which made us really happy. Grandma is the one that always plays and we really enjoy playing with her (even if she does cheat..haha). Both of them are so special to me since they've been around almost all of my life (the almost part is only there because they served an 18 month mission in Buffalo, NY). I'll never forget living with them for a year when my dad went back to PA school. They were so helpful and I have come to appreciate them more now that we live back at my parents for the time being.

6. When I get angry I like to clean or exercise to try to relieve the pain. Yes it's weird but it can be relaxing to get things done when you are feeling down.

7. I love the fact that I will be with Roger for time and ALL eternity. I couldn't imagine not having him with me in heaven. He has been such a wonderful husband and father. The church has changed his life for the better and everyday I am reminded of what a good example he is. He is always going out with the missionaries. I hope that it helps others to realize they can have that eternal companionship that we have in this glorious church!

I tag whoever feels like writing some more facts about yourself! It's always fun!

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