Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eastern vs. Central

Taya Riner came to play yesterday! Her parents hung out with us while we watched them enjoy each other's company. We played Wizard, the men when to hit golf balls for a bit, played rockband, ordered pizza, and went out to my grandparents until 1:45 AM to play wizard. It was a day packed with loads of fun!

Taya can say a lot of words so we're really trying to get Ethan to start talking since she's three weeks younger than Ethan, but he still just acts like a stubborn little boy! I can say he's been making more attempts the last couple days.

Taya had the same sweatshirt as Ethan, but it says Central since her parents, Amber and Dane, go to school there. I wanted to get some pictures of them so they had fun trying to pose for me.

Taya did not want to look at the camera! This was the best picture I got of her alone!

Taya was trying to kiss Ethan but he wasn't too sure about that!

The little ones sitting on the bottom stair hanging out.

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Dustin and Cassie said...

Thats funny that they have the same sweater! Sounds like you guys all had a fun day together!