Monday, March 10, 2008

Ben got his MISSION CALL!!!

Ben got his mission call Friday afternoon. He reports to the Provo MTC June 18 to learn Spanish because he will be serving in the Buenas Aires Argentina West Mission. It is funny because my dad served in the Cordoba Argentina Mission and told Ben earlier last week that he hopes he goes to Argentina so they can go down there and revisit when Ben is done with his mission and he got his wish! I was excited to be there when Ben opened his mission call since I didn't get to be here when Robbie opened his. We called all the extended family and met at my grandparents for him to open it. I was standing behind his shoulder so I actually read it to myself right before he read it out loud. I was in tears. A mission is such an incredible thing and I am so blessed to have two brothers to be worthy to serve missions and even more blessed to be married to a return missionary. Not only do they learn a lot of life lessons but it makes them grow up and learn how to be more independent because they have to do things for themselves and not rely on others, instead they are the ones church members or investigators rely on. I know two years can be a long time, but just have two babies while a sibling is gone and it'll go by extremely fast! :) Haha..
I know this church is true and that it is an extremely important thing in all of our lives and I wouldn't know where to be in this world without it! I have so much to say on this topic that I could go on for days but I'll just simply state it at that.
The picture of Ben is one I quickly took one Sunday so that he could have it for his papers to be submitted.


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

That's so awesome. I heard this weekend while I was in Cali. He'll love that. That's great your dad went there too. How fun for them to share!

Brittany said...

Hey Ash! I finally started a blog. Yay. You'll have to show me how to use it sometime, cause I'm lost. Tell Ben congrats for me!

Brittany said...

Well, we got a TON of newborn stuff, so I'd say we just need clothes for when she's a little bit bigger. We have pretty much everything else we need! We're decorating her room in ladybugs, and it is turning out so cute! I'll definitely post pics when we get it finished. Anyway, I figured you probably wouldn't be able to come to the shower but it would've been fun to see you!

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting for Ben! How are you doing my girl? I need to call you so we can catch up; your baby girl looks BEAUTIFUL!! I tagged you in my blog so it's your turn- 7 random facts about yourself!