Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pregnancy Update

So I went into the doctor Tuesday and she told me that I needed to get up and move around a little more since I am not dialating!! I kind of figured she might tell me that! I am very thrilled because I was getting so bored stuck at home all day and not being able to play with Ethan was making me crazy. I just want to enjoy my alone time with him before the little one comes. I'm sure anyone who has more than one child knows what I mean...especially if you've had them pretty close like I'm going to. I'm pretty sure since I was almost 33 weeks she wasn't as worried because at 34 weeks you usually have decent size babies with hardly any complications. I have enjoyed being up more, but do still feel those contractions and since I can't take anything they get worse. I do have good days and bad days though. I did start a rash though on Tuesday. I don't know if anyone has heard of it but it's called PUPPs. My midwife thought it was that but nothing was helping so my dad had a dermatologist look at it to make sure that's what it was and he agreed. It's awful!! I mean it's spreading everywhere, except my face so I guess that's a plus, and it started out with little dots and now it's turning into one big red blob all over. The weird thing is even though I'm a redhead I've never gotten anything like this before. The doctor suggested a steroid cream for it, but I have to be careful not to do too much of it because my body will absorb it and it's not the best for the baby. He did however also say that it could last 2-6 weeks or until I have the baby whenever that may be!!! I hate itching myself everywhere and I hate that it feels like a bad sunburn when I'm taking a shower because it's like needles. If anyone has had this before please let me know if there is any good way to help it. It's been three days and I just want it gone!!! Aliana is kicking right now. She is one active baby! When I was in the hospital they kept saying she looks really healthy so it just must have been my body not wanting a baby in there. I guess it really never got it's break. I hope that I can get back into shape faster this go around. I don't have any excuses since my parents have a treadmill!!!

I just want to thank everyone again who has been so helpful through this whole ordeal. It really is comforting to know that we have so many great friends who are willing to do whatever they can. We love you all!! I just hope to have this baby soon, but not TOO soon...if that makes any sense!!


Walkers said...

Ashley- A girl in my ward has PUPPS, she's had it for about 2-3 weeks now and is due about the same time as you. She said she has tried lots of stuff and none really seems to work. But good news that your doctor said to get up and get moving!!! We love you guys. P.S. I started my first post-Ashley scrapbook page today- still not done- I need your advice...

Megan said...

Ashley, I had PUPPS with Ben. It is so awful, but mine was only on my belly right on top of the stretch marks.
I would take oatmeal baths. Aveno makes it. It comes in little packages.
But since your water has already broke, you probably can just rub it on your rash.
Good Luck.