Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ethan's 1st Birthday!!

For Ethan's 1 year birthday party on November 7, his actual birthday, we had Roger's parents, his aunt and uncle, his grandma my grandparents, and my immediate family at our house for dinner, which was hawaiian haystacks, presents, and cake and ice cream. When all of Roger's relatives got there we watched the slideshow of Ethan's birthday when I'm in major pain...waiting for him to come and the results after. He was so sweet and continues to be a good kid, but since his birthday he has developed a funny little personality with growls involved. He does give kisses now though and even makes the "muaw" sound when he does it!!

Aunt Kaitlin helped Ethan open his presents. He loves the cell phone she and Karissa bought him and couldn't put it down all night as you will see in most pictures.

He got excited opening presents. Here is a picture of him playing with his NEW toys!!

Cake time!!! We got him a transformers cake!!

Making a mess is always fun!!


krystind said...

i love little kids with food all over their faces. hehe

Reams Fam said...
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Reams Fam said...

Oh my gosh Ashley! He is soo cute! He has gotten so big, I love it! Ethan looked like he had a ball on his birthday! To answer your question you had posted earlier, yes we are back in the apts. on Magnolia! We moved back so that we could save money since we have a little one. It saves us about $300 a month! We hate it but oh well, we are going to be out of here soon anyway!

Walkers said...

We LOVE Ethan!!! He looks like he had a great time! We love the cake pictures. I can't believe it has been a year.