Sunday, March 29, 2009

When will the snow ever end?

These are my kids today..."What the heck mom it snowed again! When will we ever be able to play outside? How come it can be sunny in Moses Lake but snowing in Cheney?" Okay so maybe it's me complaining more than them, but everyone else has sunny days but us! I hate it and yes that is still a snow pile next to that car....It's seriously gotten ridiculous. We have changed our diets in this house...well I guess I should just say we are eating healthier although this weather makes me want to cuddle up and dive into some chocolate..I resist. (with an occasional sneaky bite) And I know that in order for me to lose these baby pounds I have to exercise and I am just not down with running in the cold...I hope I can just suck it up this week and start because I know I have to start somewhere...but my dang hip is killing fact so much that it kept us home from church today. While I was in the shower it was killing me to just stand straight that I started crying. I have no idea what I did but it's not good. My dad says I probably just slept on it wrong, but than why does it kill me? Yes I am complaining again..LOL I think I might try to call a D.O. this week and see if I can get some adjustments to see if it'll help my whole body feel better. I had a doctor's apointment last week to get bloodwork and things came back normal so I guess I'm just a run down mom that has no motivation...I put the kids in Ali's crib because I thought it'd be easier to get a picture of them if they were a little more confined...I actually think it was tougher! I love her little grin!
You can see Ethan's Lighting McQueen bed in the back. He wouldn't give me a good smile...this'll do.
Ali always cheeses it up for me!
He had to climb in the window....that's my boy!
Roger had his spring break last week, but didn't get a real break since he is still doing his phlebotomy course. He had clinical hours this week too at the local Rockwood clinic. He is really enjoying being in the medical field already. As for me we did sports pictures the week before so I'm working hard trying to get them edited. Life couldn't be busier....well maybe just a little. I think if I can't find time for Roger to watch the kids since I don't really have any clue how this next quarter will go I'm going to look into buying a jogging stroller. Anyone have any suggestions on a double jogging stroller?


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Extreme!!! haha

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that snow is still on the ground! I always hated how Cheney had such different weather than Moses. It will be spring soon :)

Anonymous said...

I keepo saying it will be spring soon! The pass is closed tonight, so who knows we may get more snow. I think the news said you were having more, hang in there it will get better, I promise. Love the pics. gm