Sunday, March 8, 2009

6th Place

is awesome!! We won the first two games and lost the last two!! The girls played really well the first two nights and the third night just couldn't sink anything. The last game Carly Noyes got kicked in the ankle so was out of most of the game. We still managed to keep it close until the end and everyone was proud of the girls for not giving up once they knew Carly would be out the rest of the game.
Kaitlin with the kids after their second game! They'd get so excited to see their aunt KK

Kait got some air! She played tough...with some great steals, rebounds, points, and swats.

They wore their pink shoelaces the rest of the season after breast cancer awareness day for luck.

Waiting for the ball to come down...

Their last game was for 3rd or 6th place and we still can't quite figure out why they do the brackets that way instead of 3rd and 4th place.
Grandma and Poppy Waites made it up for the game Friday night and stayed for the game Saturday as well. We were all happy to see them. They have always been big supporters of our sports events!! We love them so much!! Alyssa was a great help with the kids and I'm grateful she could come!!

All in all it was a good state tournament for Moses Lake....but we're sad that this will be the end of the Bill Waites Jr. family sports careers at MLHS. Kaitlin graduates in June!!! Yay!

Looking forward to the next generations to come...

Ali just loves Kaitlin. Good thing she's planning on attending Eastern in the fall!! :)


Brittany said...

Wow I just realized that Kaitlyn is a SENIOR. That's so crazy. I guess I sort of knew that already since I know she's only a year younger than my sister, but still, I never really thought about it.

I love Ali's little pigtails!

William said...

Nice job, Ash! poppy~

Han*Gaert said...

I love the pictures. Your mom has an amazing eye. It's your mom that takes the pics right?