Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ben has been on his mission for six months!! He sent an e-mail today with some recent pictures. We hadn't seen any yet so we were all so excited to see how he's really doing! He looks great and it made us all miss him even more. These pictures are in the order he sent them. He didn't have any captions with them so we can only assume some people. They have made some good progress in their area and he will be there for another six weeks before he gets transfered. We love this missionary so much and are extremely proud of him!

Can you see him? What a monkey!

Him burning his tie on his six month mark!! It was on the 18th.

Can you say WOW!! What happened to this ambulance?

I think it's so cute that he poses for all of his pictures!!

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Marianne and Kory said...

This is Kory Longenecker. I am one of Rogers mission buddies. Its good to see you guys. Your kids are cute and you guys look happy. I told Roger I would give him our blogspot address so we can keep in touch. Thanks. Kory Longenecker