Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

For the 4th we invited Amber, Dane, Taya, Brandi, Ivory, Rob, and Corbin to come down. We thought they'd stay around longer, but we had fun. We had mustard seed for dinner Friday night. Roger brought some home from work and then we headed to Riverfront Park for the fireworks show. Ethan was a little scared at first but soon got used to them. Everyone stayed the night (we played rockband for a while) and slept in until 10. Roger and Dane took the kids on a walk. We enjoyed having them here. Here are some pics and I have to thank Amber because I don't have an adapter for my ScanDisk cards yet so I took these from her post!! Taya playing with Ali.
Ethan and Taya playing the drums after they got out of the shower!
The two lovebirds who need to tie the knot already!!
I LOVE this picture of me and my girl!! Sisters...and then there's Rob
The kids loved to ride on shoulders and it wqas so cute that they were holding hands!!
The youngsters...well I guess Chris is old, but not married yet.
The whole group minus Corbin who took the picture for us!!

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