Saturday, October 8, 2011


Did you know my kids started preschool? Wow I feel old. And I can't believe Benjamin will be two in a couple more babies :(.

I was still working my part time job when they started school so I missed their first day. Which definitely broke my heart. But Roger stepped up and did a fabulous job getting them to and from school. Nana helped get Ali's hair done and took these cute pictures of them before they went to school. She said they posed themselves. I guess that's what happens when all they see is pictures.. Ethan tells me every now and then that he doesn't want me to have anymore clients because he doesn't like to hear about them and how we have to keep things clean. LOL

Ethan is going to a bilingual preschool that focuses on academics and he does a little hip hop. He loves to learn about letters and tells me their sounds and he is already practicing writing them. He can write his name really well even though it's all in CAPS it still looks good. Funny story..since he's learning Spanish he said to my aunt "como estas?" and she spoke back to him with a long string of sentences about how she saw his teacher the other day in Spanish and he replied with, "No, you are supposed to say Bien!" We were all laughing so hard!!!

Ali is going to a dance and academic preschool. She gets to have show and tell once a month and this month she took Little Mermaid and she told her class she took it "because it has red hair like my mom!" Love her!!! She is trying to keep up with Ethan and his letter learning because it drives her crazy he is learning more than her. Doesn't bug me one bit! I like to see my kids excited about learning now!!


Jenny Robbins said...

Your kids are so cute!

Jon and Amy Duvall said...

Very cute pictures! So awesome to have family and a great husband around to help out!

Ammon and Desiree said...

How adorable!