Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ethan + Soccer = Proud Mom

We decided this was the year to sign Ethan up for soccer. And part of it was that I always missed the deadline, but I am getting things on the calendar now to make sure I don't miss out on these opportunities for my kids!!! He loved soccer!! Moses Lake has the 4-6 year olds play together and I believe he was the youngest on the team so it was challenging for him at times but the last game I think he finally got it. He did score 2 goals the first game, but the second and third games he was just running and watching us. I feel blessed to have Ethan as my son. However, I am learning that I might be a little too competitive at times. Yes, I just want to win...Imagine that.
Ethan and the coach's son Giovanni. They are buds now.
My stud!
Get it E!!

My mom calls this the Sports Illustrated cover shot! Love it!
This is what he did us!!! At McDonald's after their last game with their trophies!!! (Before Ali broke her finger. :()


Jenny Robbins said...

Haha. Little kids are so funny. The more he learns and gets the hang of what's going on during a game, the better he'll be I'm sure. Great pics!

Ammon and Desiree said...

Great Job Ethan!!! Love the pictures!!!

Jon and Amy Duvall said...

How fun!! I love watching little kids just learning sports, so awesome.