Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A lot has happened

I can't believe that I haven't posted in a month!! Anyways I know I need to get a post up! My kids are growing too fast and I can't believe it. Ethan is potty trained and has been for a while but I don't think I've talked about it. He still wears a pull up at night just in case he has an accident. Ali goes poop in the toilet almost everyday but still doesn't have the peeing in the toilet down yet. Benjamin is grabbing things now! I got out the exersaucer the other day and he enjoys it a lot! I do not have a newborn anymore and it's sad!!

Roger is enjoying his classes this quarter. We have figured that after this quarter he may still have two quarters left to get his degree, but then we should be ready for graduate school. We will try and apply to some schools in the fall if we can for next fall. He needs to take the GRE still too. We are happy that with all of the stuff he has gone through to get where we are that it is almost coming to a close. We wish that all of the work he did at SVU would've paid off but instead put us further behind. We live and learn right?

Since my last "stressing" post I decided I needed to change the way I ate and lose this "weight" that has been taking over my life since I had Ethan. I am down 7 lbs. so far and have probably 20-25 more I would love to lose! I started a page on facebook called "let's lose it" if any of you are interested in joining it. I post pictures of healthy meals I have been making and also tips and websites I have found helpful! Check it out if you want to know more! It is today that we need to start eating healthier so that in the future we can enjoy our family more!

Brady and Natalie Coulston had their baby and I was lucky enough to get some pictures of him! They named him Nathan Brady. He is a cute!!
When I was doing his pictures I got to take a few of my kids while he was eating!! I love these kids...Ethan and Benjamin will be good buds! You can really see his red hair in this one compared to the other two's. He is also a lot whiter.
Ethan at the park...
Roger and Benjamin chillin' on the blanket!! Love 'em!


Ammon and Desiree said...

What wonderful pictures! Your kids are so cute!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Glad to get an update! He has grown so much. You have some of the cutest kids ever. Good Luck with the eating healthy. It has been hard to eat healthy in my parents house so we are looking forward to moving out on our own. Hey look at it this way.... you guys will be done with school before us atleast! :)