Saturday, April 3, 2010


three kids has been a challenge. I would say I have handled it quite well but I do get frustrated when the older two decide to misbehave while I am doing anything for the baby. This week however has been a completely different story!!

(My three sickies and Kaitlin (who is now sick because of my kids))
On the 26th Ethan started getting sick with a cough and it was weird because he actually crashed on the couch for a good 3 hour nap that day when two weeks prior he had just quit napping all together. I enjoyed it at the time because I was working on my statistics class which I still have not finished due to these crazy kids..haha. But when Monday morning came around and all of the kids had a cough and Ethan started getting fevers I was not too happy! I especially did not want Ben to get sick! Yes he is over two months but still...babies are so delicate when it comes to sickness and they can't get much! Tuesday morning when Ethan woke up with 102 temp. Rog decided to take him in and get him checked out while I stayed at home praying for good news.. Well the good news didn't come. The news I heard was "Ethan has RSV!" And to think they weren't going to check him for anything until my husband decided he should say that he had a two month at home and he needed to know what to expect. I thought to myself "CRAP!!!" I called my mom completely freaked because that meant that Ben and Ali probably already had it since they started to get the cough too! My mom cancelled her shoots for the rest of the week! (Which I am so thankful for!) And came to help us! Once she got here we rushed Ethan and Benjamin to Sacred Heart. We were originally just going to take Benjamin because we noticed his cough had gotten a lot worse that afternoon, but when Ethan's hands turned blue and purple and were freezing to the touch we worried his oxygen levels were decreasing and fast. When we got to the ER the nurse hadn't ever heard of the blue and purple thing on Ethan so I got more concerned. The doctor that saw the kids was the same doctor who helped us when the kids got swine flu and he remembered us. They had a resident come in and check them out first and she relayed messages to the doctor before he came in to check on them. He explained a lot of stuff to her in front of us because he wanted her to understand why he did certain things. A lot of doctors don't like to diagnose more than a virus because they don't like to put kids on antibiotics so they don't always test for everything. The doctor told us he wanted to get the boys both x-rayed and then he'd come tell us what he thought. Ethan did such a good job!! I cannot believe how old he is! He is NOT my LITTLE boy anymore! Benjamin actually laughed the whole time and the techs loved him!! Once we got back to the room they brought Ethan a popsicle. I love Sacred Heart because of their Peds unit!! The doctor came in and said Ethan actually had pneumonia (I wasn't too happy that they hadn't x-rayed him at the clinic but I guess when they got the swab test back saying it was positive for RSV they just didn't think it was anything more). And he said that Ben's lungs looked good but that he did have RSV because of the way he was breathing. They didn't want to swab him to make him go through that. They put Ethan on antibiotics and Ben on a medicine to help with the swelling/breathing. That night Ali started getting really bad fevers and they continued and are still present today!! We took her and Ben back into the clinic on Thursday where they did swab them for RSV and both were positive. They put Benjamin on inhaler treatments because his breathing had gotten work. So far they have helped him a lot!! I just hate that Ali is so stinkin' sick!! She just lays still all day with sleepy eyes and drifts in and out of sleep!! My mom left today, but I was so happy she was here to help with everything since Roger just started his spring quarter this week and is figuring out his schedule with work and classes has been hectic.

Benjamin is growing like crazy. He had his two week appt. almost two weeks ago and was 12 lbs. 5 ounces, but on Thursday when I took him to the doctor for being sick he was already 13 lbs!! I am so proud of this kid! He was actually only 59% for weight and 24 inches long which was 78% for height!! And of course his head is tiny and was only in the 25%. He has such a fun little personality! He is always smiling at me!! And giggling like crazy!! I don't remember the other two being happy all the time like he is!! I just hope he gets over the cough soon! We want to celebrate Easter but decided to wait until next weekend when we can actually go to Moses Lake and be with family!!

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