Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty Training

Yesterday I started potty training Ethan. Hopefully we can get through this before he gets a spout of diarrhea again. He doesn't tell me he pees until afterwards so I'm having a hard time getting him to tell me. I constantly take him to the toilet but he never goes when he's on it. What do I do? I need some advice from some moms who have done this and can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I know he can control when he goes but he won't. He gets on the toilet and just begs for candy because he knows if he goes he will get rewarded. After he poops in his diaper, yes luckily he was wearing a diaper at that time because I was sick of peepee underwears, he comes to me right away and lays down and says poopy. So HE KNOWS!!! Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've read a book about it and how to put them on before every main thing during the day but it isn't helping...maybe I'm just being too inpatient..


The Harris Family said...

I had a lot of trouble with Aubrey but what finally worked was letting her run around w/ just underwear on (most of the time she took that off to). I put her potty chair in the living room with us and reminded her often. It probably took a week for her to go but once she got it it was pretty quick after that w/ not many accidents. She still wears a diaper to bed and when we go places...I should probably stop that soon.

hennchix said...

Ummm.... do YOU want him to potty train, or does HE want to train? I drove myself crazy trying to train Dylan, finally gave up, and then when HE wanted to be trained it took 2 days. Maybe E just isn't quite ready?

Carlson Family said...

We bought Caden his own little potty because he was terrified of the big toliet. We set it in the living room and he loved it. I also let him run around with no pants or underwear on- so when peepee came out he knew immediately. Good luck!!!