Friday, July 20, 2007

Moving back to Moses Lake!

Ethan *June 2007*

Well Ethan and I are back in Moses Lake already while Roger is still in Buena Vista, VA packing and getting things ready to come here. We just decided a few weeks ago that moving back home is the best decision for us right now, besides the fact that my mother called and begged us to move home it just feels like the right thing to do. Roger and I enjoyed visiting home in June so when my mom said we should move back Roger was quick to say yes and I was like "I guess". I wish my attitude could've been better but we have worked so hard to get the right place in BV (I mean living in 5 different places, while we tried to get into the best apartment for us, was hard so moving again was far from my mind especially across the country. I'm guessing that's why Roger sent me out here! He just wanted to take care of it so I wouldn't get so stressed!! What a SWEET husband.) He will continue his education most likely at Eastern Washington University.

I have been feeling a little better lately because I got some medicine to help the morning sickness. It does make me sleepy though so I don't like to take it that often since I really want to be able to play with Ethan and enjoy him while he's growing! He's getting so big and I can't believe it!!

This is Ethan in March when we came to visit the family!!

Today after his bath I just hugged and kissed on him as I teared up thinking about how he was so tiny not long ago and now he's going to be a big brother. Yes, it's still almost 6 months away but it's so crazy to think that's he'll have to be such a big boy at such a young age. Life is going by too fast!!

Well the reason I started this blog was so I could keep in touch with my friends. I believe it's important to keep in contact with the friends you make during your lifetime. And of course it's always fun to find out what your friends are up to now-a-days!!


walters said...

Hey Mar family! That is so fun that your guys are moving back! We just might have to have a little play date! : ) I had no idea that you guys are having another baby! That's so awesome! Ethan is just as adorable as ever! What a cutie! We'll probably see you guys around town. We always seem to bump into each other. Good luck on the move!

The Sharp Fam said...

Well, I am so sad that you guys are gone, but it sounds like it will be a good move for ya. I know my parents wished we lived closer! We'll miss you guys though.

Megan said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! When are you due? If you are ever down in California let us know. We'd love company! Ethan is so cute, I can't believe how big he is. Time sure does fly, and you are gonna have your hands full. Good thing family is so close. Good luck on the move.