Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Park & Picture Day

Yesterday we went to the park...but I had planned on taking pictures of the kids in their shirts that Heather Walker made them!! You can see her cute craft blog at Lulu's Tiles. She has been my best friend since I lived in VA. She sent these to us shortly after I had Benjamin. She is so talented and I feel lucky to have her as a friend!!
Ali did not want to do a picture of all three of them...in fact she was not wanting to take pictures at all so the pictures I did get were because of pure luck of clicking away the whole time!!
However, I love that I got pictures of my boys together!!
See what I mean...she was on the move!! I seriously cannot believe she isn't my baby anymore..she is growing so fast and talks constantly..although we still can't quite understand every word that comes out of her mouth!

I was trying to pose Ethan and Ali came around the tree so I captured these!!

This is the only one of them three that is even close to cute....I love how Ali knows she isn't being good so she is looking up at Nana..
Ethan was actually pretty excited about taking pictures...although he is quite the photographer himself, but that's a post for another day! He really has been an awesome big brother. He always wants to hold him and it's cute to see him just stare at Benjamin!!
Here she is running again...got love the energy she has!!
Ethan saw a squirrel climb up the tree!
My BIG kids!!
Getting ready for the park before pictures...
Loved her pez' and was upset they were all gone!!

Playing after pictures...yay!!!

Ethan loved the swing!


Carlson Family said...

Ali is GORGEOUS!!! So are your boys but she sure is a beautiful little girl.

royce and aubree said...

cute pictures! i think the girls are just in that mischievous stage! every time i see your kids i'm in awe that they are all yours! they are so cute and i think that benjamin looks a lot like ali! hope to see you soon! miss you