Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waites Family Reunion=Saturday at Roylance Pond outside Othello

I'm not one to say I like all of the pictures of me because I'm starting to show...most of you might just think I look could say that too I guess..HAHA...I think the pictures of Roger are funny. And I LOVE the pictures of my kids...and everyone else in the family just looks perfect!! It was a fun day!! Oh I forgot to mention..the dress up pictures are because we played a getting to know you game and if we guessed wrong someone had to put something on us. I of course had to wear a ton of stuff.


Ty and Dani said...

As always, Fun pictures! You look great! It looks like you all had a blast.

Adespain said...

Family reunions- so fun!! It looks like you all had a really good time.

Jen and Brian Smithson said...

I love the song ! who sings it? and the pics are amazing like always .. julie is the best .. we need a family reunion with your family