Sunday, June 7, 2009

The last High School Graduate

Kaitlin graduated Friday!! It is crazy to think that the youngest of our family is graduated high school. She's attending Eastern Washington University in the fall and we are so excited to have her closer to us!! She will be graduating from Big Bend Community College as well Friday, June 12. She has enjoyed high school, but is looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life. This year they got to choose who they could walk with since they were doing it on the new turf field so Kait asked Kale Daniels-Brown. We are all so proud of Kaitlin and her accomplishments. She's worked so hard and gotten awesome grades. Way to go!!

Kait and her mini me!!
All of the kids who could make it. Ben is still on his mission in Argentina and Rog was working. :(
The PROUD parents!!
Some of the Sanchez family with Kait.
Kale and Kait.
My angel looking for her "Kay Kay".


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

These pictures are wonderful. I love the idea of the outdoor graduation. I'm so sad we were all stuck in Big Bend haha

Ty and Dani said...

Those were awesome pictures! I can't believe it. You parents must be feeling old because I am. I love the outdoor graduation too! It looks like it was way fun.

bwaites said...

Yep, feeling REAL old! Three Grandkids and no high schoolers left!

What ARE we going to do with all those evenings?

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